Jeans sommelier 2016


I post in this blog before about certificate  “Jeans sommelier ” in Japan,

it is organized by KURASHIKI FASHION CENTRE.


Is is not a international certificate,

So it is not popular in the world, but getting popular and popular in Japan now.

(Please see my past post [What about Jeans sommelier?])

The application for the exam 2016 is start from this month.


Actually, I took this exam and got this [Jeans sommelier] certification in last year.

I thought what a unique and niche certification in beginning.

But I was so surprise because so many people was in the exam place,

not only young guys and fashion industry people.


“Made in Japan” Jeans is very popular in the world now,

but this certification is not popular, I think.


Unfortunately, I have no any profit after I got Jeans sommelier certification (^^)

It is sure , this is for self satisfaction!




The exam is on 8th/ Sep/ 2016,

it is only Japanese language…

If you can read and write Japanese, please try it.


About the detail, please see this link.



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