About [ AiiRO DENIM ]


It is Indy _ K who is Japanese, live in Thailand.

Thank you for your visiting AiiRO DENIM WORKS which is for planning original jeans.

As same as you, I’m really crazy for Denim and Jeans, especially selvage denim made in Japan

I have a dream in my life. It is “producing my original jeans”.

I’m just a fan of Jeans, not a apparel brand and specialist about that.

So it is not easy to produce original jeans because I have no relationship about factory, no experience about production, and also capital.

I’m seriously  considering to create best jeans in my life.


I everyday thinking “what is my best jeans, what is the attractive point about jeans, what is necessary and unnecessary thing” for my dream.

It is very exciting and want to enjoy with other jeans fan about this process together. It is reason why I start this blog site.

If it is big brand of jeans, they need to consider profit, schedule, brand image, selling price and popularity  for producing new line up.

They can do many thing because of big brand, but they cannot do some of thing because of big brand.

If it is produce by individual, it will have a big possibility to expand jeans culture.

You feel exciting, don’t you?


“Aiiro” means “Japan blue” in Japanese.

It is origin about AiiRO DENIM WORKS.

I want to share with you my experience in this blog about process to produce original Jeans.

I hope some of you also challenge to produce your original jeans as same as me in the future.

by Indy _ K


・Indy _ K

・Y 1977 birth.


・Live in Asian country because of my company order (live in Thailand now)

・have one sweet daughter

・Hobby is Jeans. (buy, wear, read magazine)

・Love shooting camera, too.