【Ideal Leather Belt】I couldn’t find my ideal leather belt in the market…


「looking for…」


Leather belt is one of good friend with jeans.

Now, I’m planning to buy new leather belt for matching that original jeans.


I have my ideal leather belt in my brain, but,,,

I could’t find that in any shop and internet till now.



I realize it,

most of all Denim brand has similar leather belt product,

even they are particular  about their jeans.

Not so many choice…


How are you serious for belt?

Even you have so many pair of jeans, you have not so many belt, right?

Me, too.



Leather belt have long life.

We can find only similar produce in many shop,

so we have no motivation to buy new one.


Most popular belt for jeans is “Garrison belt”,

that have a metal square buckle.


No way we only can find in the shop basically that type.



I also have it, use it now.


It is Pherrow’s UK saddle leather belt.


It was natural skin color before,

but now, it is deep brown after aging.





It is not bad product.

But I feel  it is not best for my original jeans day by day.


It is too much casual, I want little more elegant one.



So I try to search in the market.


In the market, the belt with using thick leather  is popular,

it is same trend with jeans, which is using heavy and thick denim cloth.




Many brand have sales talk about the thickness,

“using 5mm thick saddle leather” something like that.



Thick and hard leather will be durable.

Means , can use for a long period, and have a good aging as well, it is true.

But, I feel,  tired and painful on my hipbone

when I using thick, hard, heavy leather belt….

Even I use that for a long period, can say not comfortable.





Belt for jeans should be have  just a “durability” and “good aging” as same as jeans.

Not necessary, too much “heavy” “hard” and “thick”.


As same as Denim fabric,

I think, the thickness is not relate to the product quality.

Don’t be misunderstanding…


I will continue to find “my ideal leather belt”…







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